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All Wrapped Up In One

“For social change to occur, people’s networks of friends, acquaintances and colleagues must cross boundaries of race, nationality, or language…”

Ellie Maxwell

How have advances in technology affected our notions of space, place and location? How have these changes affected cultural evolution and social development? Do these technologies serve pluralistic multicultural societies or just lead to a homogenisation of global culture?

How have written languages shaped our perceptions of the world? How have they been used to create and maintain hierarchies? If imagery offers the possibility of alternative, varied representations of personal and group experience, how is it informed? What’s the point of recognition?

Are artists entertainers or alchemists? Are they researchers or social engineers? When presented in public, must an interest in ideas or processes necessarily appear conclusive for the benefit of an audience or visitor to an exhibition?

For a fractured or dispersed community, what constitutes the whole? How does individual combine with collective purpose? In doing so, is identity necessarily changed? How can we overcome divisions within ourselves, acknowledge the interdependence of body and mind and our belonging to the Earth? Can time collapse?

Can these questions all be considered through the application of a single device?

What you give... 
Dissolution of boundaries 

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